Thursday, 4 June 2015

Graduation Photos Capture the Beauty of Youth and Creativity

1. Upon graduation, China's university students pose for photos to celebrate youth.(Photo/

2. Graduation: the time to show your creativity - With graduation around the corner, college students are recording the last days of their college life in a variety of innovative photos. Here, let's look at some of these interesting photos.

Seniors line up in a row for a group selfie. [Photo/IC]

There's no way to score when these fantastic four stand in front of the goal. [Photo/IC]

Law students pose in the shape of the scales of justice. [Photo/IC]

A couple takes a selfie in the Bund, a famous tourist attraction in Shanghai, in their commencement caps and gowns. [Photo/IC]

A girl fixes her hair before taking a group graduation photo. [Photo/IC]

Graduates pose for a souvenir photo in front of a huge student ID card. [Photo/IC]

This guy must be tired after spending four busy years in the college. His friends light-heartedly encourage him to have some rest now. [Photo/IC]

Want get a forged certificate or a seal? You can find the number on this man's T-shirt among all the graduation signatures. [Photo/IC]

Students at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts take a photo with a moon balloon 10 meters in diameter.[Photo/IC]

In a humorous snapshot, students share a "bromantic" moment upon graduation. [Photo/IC]

Graduating students put their wishes into a capsule and bury it in the earth to be uncovered in the future. [Photo/IC]

3. Upon graduation, a group of university students dressed in cheongsams pose for photos at an auto show in Taiyuan, north China's Shanxi Province.( Yun) 

4. Upon graduation, students wearing various styles of clothes pose for photos to celebrate youth on the campus of Zhejiang Normal University.(Photo/

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