Friday, 6 June 2014

Malaysian Students in China

In recent years, Malaysian students opting to go China for further education has been on the uptrend. Coupled with the close bilateral relationship between the China and Malaysia government in the past 40 years and the accreditation of 820 China universities by MQA, this set to drive more Malaysian students to choose China as the preferred destination.

The statistics provided by the Embassy of the People's Republic China in Malaysia shown in 2011, a total of 4,338 Malaysian students were studying in China. The following year, it surged 40% (the year where MQA accredited 820 China varsities) to 6,045. Last year, there were 6,126 Malaysian students in China universities.

The number of Malaysian students study in China is set to increase in coming years with the awareness and promotional programs put in place to inform Malaysian public that China universities also offer good quality tertiary education conducted fully in English that's on par with western countries. Another plus factors that attract students to study in China is the affordable tuition fees and a living cost which is substantially lower than western countries.

Many countries around the world are eyeing China as a hot spot in investment, setting up factories, regional business hubs, tourism destination as well as education hubs. I see China as a "Window to the World". A good tertiary education in China will set to provide flexible options to students in term of employment opportunities as well as going further for post graduate level as China government signed a total of 59 mutual recognition of higher education with countries around the world. Mutual Recognition - use Google Translate to English

A group of Malaysian students is now currently study MBBS program in Wuhan University. They were easily adapted to the life in university and enjoying their study there. Feedback from the students on their life as student were very positive as lecturers are very committed and dedicated to give the best of their knowledge. They also have many opportunities to mix around with Chinese students, Thais, Indian, Myanmars, Cambodians, British, Australians and students as far as South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana.

"Student life in China is simply great" as one of the student commented!

"Online shopping unlimited is the joy" as one of the student commented!

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. The below pictures paint many thousands words from Malaysian students in Wuhan!

1. Wuhan University Surrounding Area

2. Shopping district within walking distance from Wuhan University (to release stress)

3. Cooking Time and Pot-Luck

4. Chef from Myanmar

5. An outing

6. Pre-Chinese New Year Celebration by Wuhan University (free 16-course dinner)

7. Celebrate Malaysia Day 2013

8. Having fun on the street with Thais and Myanmar students

 9. Autumn in Wuhan

10. Winter at Wuhan University

11. Birthday Celebrations

12. Spring at Wuhan University

13. Online Shopping (Taobao)
 All for RMB2.0

 All for RMB7.50


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