Thursday, 12 June 2014

55 Interesting Places To Explore in China - Part 1

China, a country with 5,000 years of civilization and ancient cultures has plenty of exploration opportunities for students while seeking their tertiary education in China.

A nation with population of 1.4 billion with 56 ethnic groups living across China, it is certainly offers great deal of experience ranging from ancient buildings, cultures, foods, living customs, natural beauties, vibrant and modern metropolitan cities, and etc.

With a land size covering approximately 9.6 million square meter, China is the world second-largest country by land area after Russian has many places of interest. Spanning from the east of Shanghai City to the west of Kashgar city and from the north of Harbin city to the south of Macau city, there are array of interesting places waiting for you to explore.

Here are the first part of 55 interesting places to visit in China.

1. 西安—千年古都 (Xian - The Ancient Capital)

2. 南京—六朝金粉地,金陵帝王州 (Nanjing-Liuchaojinfen,the Jinling Imperial State)

3. 北京——举世无双的皇家建筑 (Beijing - unique in the world,the Royal Buildings)

4. 苏州——苏州园林甲天下 (Suzhou - The Gardens Heaven)

5. 大理——风花雪月地,山光水色城 (Dali - The Romantic City Sights)

6. 澳门——东方的“拉斯维加斯”(Macau - The Oriental "Las Vegas")

To be continued with next post - Cultural Villages
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