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Malaysian Medical Council - Medical Qualifying Examination 2013

Individuals possessing unrecognized undergraduate medical degrees which are not listed in the Second Schedule must sit and pass the Medical Qualifying Examination (MQE) as stipulated by Section 12(1)(aa) of Medical Act 1971, in order to be registered and practice medicine in Malaysia.

Section 12(1)(aa) of the Act empowers the Minister to approve a body or centre to prescribe or set the examinations. The conduct of the examination has been revised and the Medical (Setting of Examination for Provisional Registration) Regulation 2012 is now in force.

With the current regulation, only accredited medical programmes offered by bodies or examination centres established under the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 or the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 are eligible to conduct the examination. The sixteen universities listed in Table 6.1 are eligible to conduct the Medical Qualifying Examination.

However in 2013, only eight universities conduct the examination where 120 candidates sat. Out of this, only 63 candidates passed and were eligible for registration. 

The number of candidates sitting for MQE in 2013 and Outcome According to Institution are as follows:

No.    Institution                                                                 Pass         Fail           Total
1         UCSI University                                                                 15               9                  24
2         AIMST University                                                             33             12                  45
3         Universiti Malaysia Sabah                                                1                5                    6
4         Universiti Malaysia Sarawak                                           6              18                  24
5         Universiti Sains Malaysia                                                 1                0                    1
6         Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science        4               7                   11
7         Melaka-Manipal Medical College                                    1                0                    1
8         Universiti Malaya                                                               2                6                   8     
            Total                                                                                  63            57               120

Source - Malaysian Medical Council Annual Report 2013

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