Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Explore The Mystery of Food Culture in China - "A Bite Of China - Nature's Gift (EP 1)"

A Bite of China is a 2012 Chinese documentary television series on the history of food, eating, and cooking in China directed by Chen Xiaoqing (陈晓卿) and narrated by Li Lihong (李立宏). It first appeared at the China Central Television in May 14th, 2012, and quickly gained much popularity.Having started filming in March 2011, this seven-episode documentary series introduces the history and story behind foods of various kinds in more than 60 locations all around China.The documentary has also been actively encouraged as a means of introducing Chinese food culture to those unfamiliar with local cuisine.

Episode 1: Nature's Gift
Nature's gift or more precise refer as resources if we relate it to this documentary. Resources are the greatest gift from God to human. It is the gift from the mother earth to sustain the population of human beings and all species in this planet. Among these resources, water and foods are the most precious resources in this planet. As such, preservation, conservation and sustainability of these two resources is utmost importance for human survival. 

I will post this seven-episode series on my blog and hope all enjoy and most important learn some great knowledge, survival skills, living skills, cooking skills and etc from this documentary.

And not forget to appreciate and be grateful of what we have.

The show starts now....

Next episode - "A Bite of China - The Story of Staple Foods"

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