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Malaysian Medical Council - Information and Facts at a Glance for Registration of Medical Practitioners in Malaysia

For Malaysians wish to pursue medicine field, the below statistics might be of your interest:

2013: Facts at a Glance

Facts                                                                                2013
Provisional Registration                                               4,472
Full registration without condition                            3,497
Full registration with condition (Section 14(3))         257
Temporary practising certificate                                   358
Total new registration for 2013                                  8,584 

Total Annual practising certificate renewed            30,043

There are 3 categories of registration under the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC):
a. Provisional Registration (Sections 12 and 13 of the Medical Act 1971);
b. Full registration:
i. Without conditions – Section 14(1) of the Medical Act 1971; and
ii. With conditions - Section 14(3) of the Medical Act 1971;
c. Temporary Practising Certificate (Section 16 of the Medical Act 1971).

a. Provisional Registration allows newly qualified practitioners to undertake general clinical training before being granted full registration. Provisionally registered medical practitioners will go through 2 years of housemanship which include postings of 4 months each in Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and Accident & Emergency or Anaesthesiology (as 6th posting).

b. To be eligible for full registration, a practitioner needs to undergo and satisfactorily pass only five postings. The sixth posting is an obligatory posting. Full Registration allows a medical practitioner to practise independently. There are two types of Full Registration:
i. Under section 14(1) of the Medical Act 1971 - no restrictions and conditions are imposed.
ii. Under section 14(3) of the Medical Act 1971 - practitioners are registered to practise subject to restrictions and conditions as stipulated by the Health Minister, after consulting the Council. They are restricted to practice only at the approved institution within a certain scope of practice for a certain period of time.

c. The Temporary Practising Certificate (TPC) is issued to foreign-registered practitioners who wish to practice medicine in Malaysia usually for the following purposes:
i. Training local practitioners in workshops/conferences;
ii. Research;
iii. Clinical attachment.
The certificate is valid for 3 months and is renewable.

Below are graph and tables for above data.

Source - Malaysian Medical Council Annual Report 2013

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