Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Explore in China - Amazing Twilight View in Burqin

Burqin (布尔津县), located on the top tip of the Chinese map, is the only small county in west China that borders with Russia, Kazakstan and Mongolia. It is located at the southwest foot of Altay Mountains and the northern edge of Junggar Basin. It gets its name from the Burqin River, which flows into the Erqis River. Erqis River is the only one flows towards the west, discharging itself into the Arctic Ocean.

In the Western Han Dynasty (206BC – 24AD), this county was the pasture land of the Huns. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it was under the control of Turkic.

The county is sparsely populated; there are only about eight people per square kilometer.

The name of Burqin means a person who herds camels. Few people may know Burqin, but speaking of Kanas, everyone knows about it. What people also do not know is how breathtaking the dusk of Burqin can be. -Photos/People's Daily Online

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