Thursday, 7 May 2015

Explore China - Ten Chinese Destinations To Visit With Mom

Finding the perfect Mother's Day gift isn't easy. When flowers, perfume, and candy have worn out the surprise, you may want to change the gift game a bit, for example, by traveling with her to somewhere special.

Remember when she always said, "the world is the best textbook"? One of the best things about getting older is that we get to take care of mom and check out the world with her.

The following are some of the most relaxing destinations to spend some special time with mom in China.

Tibet.Tibet has developed a distinct culture due to its geographic and climatic conditions. You will need at least a week to explore its stunning landscapes and unique culture.
Kanas. Kanas is called the "Switzerland of the Orient" and "heaven for photographers". There is a large population of Tuvans and Kazakhs in the Kanas valley area. While most of them have maintained their traditional agricultural and nomadic life style, many of the local people also have begun to help develop its tourism industry and have established facilities for rafting, rock climbing, paragliding and camping.
Lijiang. Many people see Lijiang as a place where time seems to pass slowly and without any hassles - and urban residents sometimes think of it as the city of their dreams. Visitors can stroll around the ancient town of Lijiang and also visit nearby Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is covered in snow all year and features 13 peaks jutting upward across the skyline. Lijiang is also one of the most attractive Chinese cities for foreigners.

Fenghuang Ancient Town. Fenghuang, or phoenix, is "the farthest from the public and nearest to the heart", according to New Zealand author Rewi Alley, who also wrote that it "is one of the two most beautiful towns in China".
Guilin. Guilin is famous for its picturesque karst landscapes and has long been a popular tourist destination. Guilin rice noodles are a well-known food in Guilin, just like Guilin's unique hills and water.

Weizhou Island. Weizhou Island, in Beihai city in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, is China's largest albeit youngest volcanic island. The island faces Hainan island to the north, but it is not as well known as its neighbor among tourists. The island has a warm and humid climate all year round, with turquoise sea water and sandy beaches. Because it is less visited, the natural resources on Weizhou Island are very well preserved.

Sanya. Dubbed "China's Hawaii", the tropical island is a noted tourist destination with sea, beach, fresh air, luxury resorts and city life. Served by Sanya Phoenix International Airport, the beach can be easily accessed by domestic and international travelers.

Xiapu. The fishing village on the sea is referred as the "Offshore Venice" by tourists. Before houses were built along the beach, most fishermen for generations lived on boats and survived by collecting marine products. Many of them still live on boats. Xiapu has the country's largest mudflat, which is rich in sea products and especially kelp, laver and oysters.

Gulangyu. The island is only a five-minute ferry ride across the harbor from Xiamen. With moderate weather, a laid-back lifestyle and affordable prices, the island is favored by domestic tourists for short stays.

Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang, surrounded by lakes and rivers, is a water town with 60 percent of its structures built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 to 1911). Arched bridges cross the rivers so that people can easily walk to the other side.

Source - China Daily

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