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Why MBBS in China?

Why MBBS in China?

 Reasons to Study MBBS in China

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world having a written history of more than 5,000 years, rich culture and a respected educational tradition. That tradition continues to this day, especially in the field of medicine: China is now one of the fastest growing destinations for international students studying medicine in the world.

In recent years, a lot of students from different parts of world are also opting China for medical education. Last year, more than 10,000 students came to China to study medicine, most of them selecting an English-medium MBBS program. You may have the doubts on why they unhesitatingly to choose China as their medical career starting way, it is believed that the following are the beneficial reasons:

1. Eligible for any medical licensing examination and globally recognized
The 52 approved medical schools are public universities under the supervision of the Chinese Government and have been approved to enroll international students. All are listed in the World Health Organization (WHO)'s "Directory of World Medical Schools". This listing means that graduates are eligible to attend national medical screening tests such as USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCI, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, etc.

i. List of Institutions and Scale of Enrollment for Undergraduate Clinical Medicine Programs Taught in English for International Students

ii. Welcome to the Avicenna Directory for medicine-World Health Organization

iii. International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

iv. Requirements for Practising Medicine in Australia

v. List of International Medical Graduates Recognized by Singapore Medical Council

vi. List of China Medical Colleges Approved by Medical Council of India (MCI)

vii. Name of Recognized Foreign Schools by The Medical Council of Thailand

2. On par with western higher education in medicine.
Most of China's medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and highly reputed for being at the forefront of the field of modern medicine. Moreover, English-medium MBBS programs have been taught for years, and there are now lots of graduates pursuing a further education in China or being a doctor in their own country.

3. Living costs and tuition are considerably lower in China
China has great education infrastructure with affordable tuition fees and living expenses. Studying towards an MBBS in China is 70% cheaper than undertaking a similar program in the US or UK. The charges of tutoring in the universities in China are subsidized by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Government. All in all, it is very economical for international students to study in China.

4. Plenty of quality hospitals for internship.
China has a population of over 1 billion people, and this will provide excellent learning opportunity as there are many clinical cases to be observed thru out the clinical years. The affiliated hospital where students undertake internships must be with the tier of Grade III, Level A, which have the most advanced international-standard medical instruments and also lots of patient beds. Therefore, the medical market of China is developing at a rapid speed and becoming one of the world's largest medical markets.

5. Colorful and fulfilling campus life with 4-season weather.
The weather varies from location to location in China, so each university has its own beauty in each season. Students can enjoy their study life on campus or travel around the city on vacation. Meanwhile, to help international students to learn the magnificent and attractive Chinese culture and custom, most Chinese universities organize all kinds of special activities, which is also beneficial for them to settle into life in China. International students can experience not only the cultural history of China but also the spirit of a new generation in China.

6. Study in a society with excellent public security.
China is a peaceful place with social harmony and good public security. In order to guarantee people live in a comfortable and secure society, the Chinese government takes a tough stance on crime and law and order. The government also takes special care to provide international students with a safe study and living environment on campus.

7. Study and explore the long-standing history and culture.
With the staggering achievements that China has made during its 30 years of opening up to the outside world, more than 260,000 international students are enrolled in China's universities and colleges each year, making it one of the most popular places to study for international students. Regarded as both a representative of an ancient and mysterious culture and a vibrant new economy, China has something for everyone. As students are required to learn Mandarin during their study in China, this is an excellent advantage to pick up the most widely spoken international language in the world.

8. When East meets West.
China is home to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The future of the new medicine is a combination of Western MBBS and TCM. Medical students in China are exposed to TCM as well, with opportunities to do postgraduate in all TCM sub-specialities.

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